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Repair Imei Lg H990 V20
mensaje Feb 26 2020, 10:37 AM
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Hola no vi el post por eso lo hago

Con octopus activar depuracion conectar el equipo esperar que instale drivers escribir imei y reparar tarda 10min aproximadamente, saludos,

dejo el proceso

Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box LG Software version 2.9.9
Checking data...OK
Platform: LG Qualcomm
Selected port: COM17
Selected model: H990
Reading info...
Could not detect mode!
Performed by 2.9.9 Software version.
Checking data...OK
Platform: LG Qualcomm
Selected port: COM61
Selected model: H990
Reading info...
Model ID: LG-H990
IMEI: --------------------
Android version: 7.0
Battery level: 17%
Mode: Normal
Firmware compiled date: Dec 01 2016
Firmware compiled time: 19:00:00
Firmware released date: Dec 23 2016
Firmware released time: 10:46:40
SW Version: MPSS.TH.2.0.1.c3-00027-M8996FAAAANAZM-
IMEI: ---------------------
Bluetooth address: DC:0B:34:0D:7A:37
Wi-Fi MAC address: DC:0B:34:AD:ED:6F
SPC: 000000
Fixing IMEI...
New IMEI: 351822-08-327844-2
Write security backup function doesn't work for this device with
latest firmware versions. If you'll encounter any problem during
Repair IMEI operation - you won't be able to restore the phone to
it's initial state, so proceed at your own risk.

Reading QCN...
Send SPC...OK
Reading Mobile Property...OK
Reading Feature Mask...OK
Reading Roaming List 0...OK
Reading NV_Numbered Items...OK
Reading NV_Numbered SIM1 Items...OK
Reading NV_Numbered SIM2 Items...OK
Reading NV Items...OK
Reading EFS...OK
Reading Provisioning Items...OK
Reading QCN done!
Backup saved to "H990_995622151518519_26-02-2020_16-08-
Switching to Download mode...OK
Initializing flash...OK
Reading partitions...OK
Reading security area...OK
Backup saved to "H990_995622151518519_26-02-2020_16-20-
Writing security area...OK
Switching to Normal mode...
Found model LGH990AT* ÿh Gw at port COM61
Send SPC...OK
Writing QCN...
Writing NV_Numbered Items...OK
Writing NV_Numbered SIM1 Items...OK
Writing NV_Numbered SIM2 Items...OK
Writing QCN done!
IMEI successfully fixed!
Rebooting phone...
Performed by 2.9.9 Software version.
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